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Inventor Sheet Metal Fundamentals

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Fundamentals introduces the concepts and techniques of sheet metal modelling with the Autodesk Inventor software. The structure of the course follows the typical stages of using Inventor. That is, to create sheet metal parts, edit them, generate flat patterns, and document the designs in drawings.


On completion of this course students will have been given the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of tools and concepts that develop the skills necessary to be able to:
• Navigate the Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal interface
• Understand the Sheet metal design process
• Create base Faces, Contour Flanges, and Contour Rolls
• Create secondary Faces, Contour Flanges, and Contour Rolls
• Apply Sheet metal Parameters
• Create Flanges
• Create Hems, Folds, and Bends
• Create Corner Rounds and Chamfers
• Create Sheet Metal Cuts (Holes, Cuts, and Punch Features)
• Create Corner Seams (Seams and Mitres)
• Generate Flat Patterns
• Create Lofted Flanges
• Rips
• Unfolding and Refolding
• Document and Annotate drawings
• Convert solid model to sheet metal models

Who should attend and Course Prerequisites

This course is designed for experienced users of Autodesk Inventor. Students are expected to have:
• a high level of computer literacy
• completed Autodesk Inventor Essentials – PLUS (or equivalent)
• completed Inventor Advanced Part Modelling (an advantage)
• a thorough understanding of Documentation Requirements for the Manufacturing Industry

Delivery Mode

Traditional Instructor-led Group Training
2 consecutive days (09:00 - 16:30)


A Training Guide is provided as a Reference Resource at the conclusion of the course.


An A2K Technologies “Certificate of Attendance” will be issued on completion of the course.