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Autodesk Nastran Fundamentals

This course covers the most used applications of Nastran in CAD.


This course covers the most used applications of Nastran in CAD. The teaching strategy is to start with basic stress analysis that enables the student to validate simple as well as complex designs, and then continue to develop full product life cycle assessments to serve digital prototyping. This is to reduce development and manufacturing costs as well as expensive real world trial exercises.


An Autodesk “Certificate of Completion” and an A2K Technologies “Certificate of Attendance” will be issued following the 2 days Instructor-led Training.


An over 300 page course manual containing training topics, engineering exercises, analysis’ backgrounds and information will be provided.

Delivery Mode

The course duration is 2 days and is held in our A2K class-rooms.

Who should attend and Course Prerequisites

This course is designed for new Nastran in CAD users as well as for engineers using Inventor Professional already. A sound understanding of mechanical or structural engineering is suggested, but students are expected to have as minimum: 

  • a sound level of computer literacy.
  • A very good understanding of 3D modelling.
  • access to Inventor and Nastran in CAD for further practice.