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Autodesk Professional Certification (Exam Duration 120 min)

Autodesk Certification can help you succeed in your design careerproviding benefits to both you and your employer.
A reliable validation of your skills and knowledge, Autodesk Certification can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility in your field.
Not available on Learning or Corporate Passports.
Not all products available for Certification.


Certification Benefits
In addition to improving your skill set, earning Autodesk Certification provides the following advantages and benefits:
• Enhanced Skills and Recognition—Autodesk Certification provides validation of your skills and knowledge along with industry recognition of your achievements.
• Electronic Certificate—Once certified, you receive access to an electronic certificate suitable for printing and framing. You may reprint this certificate as often as you like. Your certificate is available anytime through your Autodesk Online system profile.
• Certification Logo—After passing the certification exam, you receive the official Autodesk Certification logo for use on business cards,
résumés, and letterhead, identifying you as Autodesk Certified. Your logo kit is available through your Autodesk Online system profile.
• Immediate Diagnostic Feedback—Whether or not you pass the exam, you receive immediate feedback on areas to improve your Autodesk application skills. Your score report with feedback is available at any time through your Autodesk Online system profile.