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Revit Platform - ANZRS Family Creation

This course is intended primarily for core users of the Revit platform, whose role in one way or another is to create, develop and maintain Revit Families either for internal or commercial use.


The family creation workshop is designed for users who already have some experience with family creation and wish to extend on this knowledge to create more advanced objects and would like to comply with the Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards (ANZRS). While theory will be covered, there will be ample time allocated during sessions for practical application and to explore the approach behind many of the various tasks required to produce your own parametric and standards compliant content.

Delivery Mode
Traditional Instructor-led Group Training 2 consecutive days (09:00 - 16:30)

A Training Guide is provided as a Reference Resource at the conclusion of the course.

An A2K Technologies “Certificate of Attendance” will be issued on completion of the training.

Course Objectives
On completion of this course students will have been given the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of commands and concepts that develop the skills necessary to demonstrate competency in:
     • Understanding how to create high quality ANZRS compliant Revit families
     • Knowing how to approach various family types and knowing which templates to use
     • Being comfortable with locking geometry to reference planes to generate parametric relationships
     • Creating type and instance parameters
     • Creating multiple types from a single family, with adjustable parameters
     • Setting visibility options, determining how families appear in plan views, elevations and when cut.
     • Creating categories and sub categories within families
     • Understanding nested families
     • Determining what information can be scheduled as part of family properties
     • Use of formulas to control geometry, meta data and ultimately to make the family robust and unbreakable.
     • Creating connectors and correctly linking parameters and assigning appropriate system settings

Topics include: Introduction…Family Basics…Family Category and Parameters…Reference Planes…Connectors…Geometry…Linework…Parameters…Parameter Data…Formulas…Conditional  Formulas…Type Catalogues…Flexing the Model…Geometry Properties…Lookup Tables…Nested Families…Guidelines for Building Families

Who should attend and Course Prerequisites

This course is designed for experienced users of Revit software (Architecture – Structure – MEP). Students are expected to have:
     • a sound level of computer literacy:
     • completed essential training in one of the Revit Disciplines
     • an understanding of BIM, Design and Drafting
     • an understanding of documentation requirements